Canon EOS 7D Mark II (Wi-Fi) Digital SLR Camera with Canon EF-S 18-135mm is USM Lens + Sandisk 32GB SDHC Memory Card, Backpack and Accessory Bundle

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[Music] hi thank you for tuning in this is Adam from the digital go-to showroom welcome today we're going to be going over the 70 mark - and the we1 Wi-Fi kit stay tuned we're going to take a look at what comes the contents inside we're going to take a go over the specs of the camera and its features and if this video helps you out remember hit that like button underneath and subscribe to our channel for future videos like this and when you're in Miami comes - hello - is eme at the digital go to shower [Music] let's take a look at what comes inside this box again it's the 70 mark to body and if we look over here it's going to include the Wi-Fi adapter which is we1 this is an SD type memory card that provides Wi-Fi for your camera let's open the box the first thing we're going to notice is your warranty papers paperwork and your instructional manual so you can register your camera online
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