Definitive Technology CS-9080 Center Channel Speaker | Built-in 8" 300-Watt Powered Subwoofer and 10" Bass Radiator for Home Theater | High Performance | Premium Sound Quality | Single, Black

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okay so this speaker is the definitive technology this is the cs it's a center channel speaker 9080 okay and this is the back of the speaker of course i'm holding holding the power cord and the reason i'm holding the power cord is because the first i want to do is i want to talk about the fact that you do have to plug it in so when you're measuring your location for this speaker make sure that you include this include this so make sure you you know you have at least this much more space so that the plug can clear because you don't want to be like forcing this in or bending it um you know if you take this out then the sub is not going to work so just keep that in mind because the measurements of this of the speaker um you know it it's going to be a lot uh larger if this has to go up against a wall okay so if it doesn't have to go up against the wall uh for example if you're putting in fr
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