HP EliteBook 850 G3 15.6 inch High Performance Business Laptop

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Product review & video
all right today we'll be unboxing HP's weak butcher 850 g3 pretty general box method to fancy about it HP symbol inside you know just box with stuff in it so let's get the stuff out of it go ahead and open it up documentation one thing I do like about these HP machines is they come with a whole bunch of information in a bag like this is a phone number to call for tech support in this country or that country this is more documentation Windows 10 install guide battery wall NT I'm the DVDs here so we've got windows 7 install this we've got a driver recovery disk another system a Windows 10 disk another driver recovery it is probably a broken does 10 and neither is Windows 7 sp1 limited warranty and technical information and of course the Charter so here we are this is HP's EliteBook 850 g3 um very light very thin 15-inch machine I'm just by looking at a genuine impressed by its form factor
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