Leviton DUCT VERT 8X8 F/R 80"

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i'm here in the ECT department of the El Paso facility and these ECT machines have a lot of cool water moisture hoses all over the place lemington wet guard is the perfect solution for these types of electrical connections I'm going to show you how to wire up the plug and the connector right now let's get started find the appropriate breaker and turn the power off so I've gone ahead and separated my nut my rubber housing and my wiring module and selected my strain relief washer and my rubber bushing based on the size of my cord and the number of conductors it has now you can find this table on the instruction sheet in order to ensure the integrity of the plug it's important that each individual piece goes on in the correct order first the nut you want to make sure that the threads are facing towards the end of the cord next the strain relief water here you want to make sure that the cir
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