Marshall Electronics CV503 Miniature Full-HD Camera, 3G/HDSDI

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[Music] hey guys my name is Jackson I'm here with marsh electronics we're at the NAB Show 2019 I want to show you our new CV 500 cameras so we've upgraded our popular CD 502 camera with the new cv 503 so the new cv 503 is essentially an upgrade over the 502 in every way so with the new 503 you have a 20% larger sensor inside the camera so you're gonna get better color depth richer colors better low-light sensitivity also the new 16 503 has a built in a little protective wing here on the back of the camera so with this wing it helps protect the cable connectors from any accidental shearing off or damage in case the camera gets bumped during your production another improvement that we made for this camera is the back here we now have a 12 pin breakout cable before we had a phoenix connector back there which is a little bit tricky to use now it's a locking 12-pin connector cooks right into
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