Monitor Audio Silver 500 Floorstanding Speaker - Each (Black Oak)

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[Music] [Music] yo Kippy sky here what's going on YouTube so I finally have come to a decision on what speakers I want to get throughout my last 3 4 5 million videos I've been talking about making a second listening room a second home theater in the bedroom and I decided a lot of different things I couldn't decide how one of the TV first or in speakers first I couldn't inside receiver I wanted bah blah blah right and so I finally figure out what I want to do so this actually gonna be really really cool so what I'm going to do is I'm going to replace the speakers in my main listening room so I have the Polk Audio LSI m-series speakers left to 707s 706 TS in Toronto and then the bookshelves and the surround sound I have all that I'm going to put it in the bedroom now it's gonna go back in the bedroom I'm gonna replace them with a monitor audio silver 500 now the reason why I chose these s
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