Remanufactured Panasonic PV-D4734S Double Feature Progressive Scan DVD/VCR Combo

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well hi this is the fuzzy I'm talking in but I'm not nervous I just like to show off this Panasonic dvd/vcr combo that's model number can't focus it but it is a pv d 4 7 3 4 s a and it was made on September 15 2004 here's an inside view and I have testicle size and both sides was great yeah so it is a I didn't get the remote for it so I don't know what is supports but I see it has line inputs on the front and on the back this VCR could support LP recording but I'm not completely sure of that I had a universal remote that I was able to pour way into it but it doesn't have the right buttons and also that remote isn't completely compatible but that's a story for another time if you want know more I'll put it in the description and a you you to bloom this with my needle scope has a VCR standalone VTR with this exact same mechanism I forget the model number but if I can find a video again I'
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