Wenzelite Trekker Gait Trainer, Orange, Tyke

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this to us is the first step of the rest of Sean's life we're giving him the ability to walk again it's the Rifton pacer gait trainer and dr. McCain in all her experience said that this is the one device that can lead him to walk again it's a device that's perfect for patients like Shawn because it has a lot of support but then you can also sort of peel away the support as he gets better it has a chest prompts it gives him supported his chest it has arm supports it has ice awards so it can give him all the stability that he needs but as he gets better I can take some of that stability away because he has the ability to move his legs but he doesn't have the stability in his trunk and in his neck and in his in his upper body to be able to propel himself over ground by himself but he needs to be able to walk a lot to be able to learn the skill he can't do it coming to therapy twice a week
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