Wet Sounds - Two Pairs of REVO 6-XSS Silver Open XS Grille 6.5 Inch Marine LED Coaxial Speakers

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Product review & video
this is Andy Allen with wet sounds we're going to open up the new Revo six series of marine in boat coaxial revos are also available in 8 inch and we have eight different grille options for each size we're looking at the XF series grilles right now as you can see right here comes with complete user's manual users guide and a couple of templates so you can properly cut the holes include it in here are the stainless steel screws to attach them into your opening along with the other side of the speaker wire which we'll talk about we're using an exclusive wire waterproof connector on this Revo Six's come with a couple of exclusive to wet sound features amongst them like to point out first is the NIE laughs basket Nilus is a nylon fiberglass combination of material and composite material advantage of it is it will not rust or corrode holds up very very well in the tough environment of marine
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