215PTZ Network Camera 360 Deg Day/night 12X Optical Zoom

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today on the hookup we're going to take a look at the most intimidating type of security camera the pan tilt zoom or ptz camera in the past when people have asked me to review ptz cameras i've always said that you'd be better off buying a few different stationary cameras and point them at each area of interest 24 7 instead of relying on a ptz camera that may be looking at the wrong place at the wrong time after testing these 9 cameras i mostly feel the same way but i do think that some of these cameras are useful tools to add to your security system while others are just toys in today's video we'll compare their field of view then daytime clarity pan and tilt accuracy pan and tilt speed zoom performance night time performance and finally we'll take a look at some extra features that some of these cameras have to offer all of my tests were completed in the blue iris nvr software unless o
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