Omano OM2344-B - 7.5X-45X - Binocular - Zoom Stereo Inspection Microscope - Double-Wide Base - Dual Halogen Illumination

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Product review & video
hi everybody Jay Johnson again with a grizzly fund today we are going to do an equipment upgrade and a review for a microscope I've used a like microscope I'll show you here in a minute for years and years and years I and I actually bought it used long long time ago I bought it off eBay and it came with a stand basically an arm that was never very functional as far as being able to move it around and ease of use but it it provided a way to move the microscope over the top of a table so I could do circuit board assembly repair all of those kinds of things with electronics assembly and troubleshooting it's been a great microscope and I've used it for years and years and years like I say the one downside to it though is it can't do video so I started to search you're actually long time ago I started to search for a new microscope I knew I knew that I needed to upgrade at some point but I n
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