VIZIO D50U-D1 4K LED Smart TV, 50"

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hi Mike here with the Vizio Ultra HD 4k Smart TV the TV is not that thin from the side but not too thick it has two legs on the side for the stand that screw in I would say it's a pretty good design so you have five HDMI plugs and one of them is at 60 Hertz and the other ones are at 30 Hertz and then you have audio end audio out and then you have analog plugs and you have one USB 3.0 this is what's included in the box manual TV mode power plug screws battery and then TV stand it's a pretty nice TV remote with dedicated buttons for Amazon Netflix and iHeartRadio the molt's not too thick but not too thin you have all the main apps that you would expect on a smart TV like Netflix and Hulu and YouTube even got Twitter and Facebook and then you have an app market where you can get other apps like crackle and Plex and it's pretty good it's pretty limited though compared to like Samsung Smart
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