Elac Discovery Series WiFi Streaming Integrated Amp (Ds-A101-G)

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this is a true audiophile video visit us at true audiophile call hey welcome everyone to another true audiophile unboxing where today we're looking at the DSA 101 Wi-Fi streaming integrated amplifier comes in an easy to open box as soon as you do open it you'll be greeted with a very comprehensive manual and it's good to go through it because this little unit is really packed with a lot of features of course you get an accessories box that includes a full functioning remote banana plugs and batteries of course naturally you get the power cord so let's start to take a closer look at this amplifier this amplifier has a lot going on as far as modern-day streaming it's roon ready has spotify connect dolby digital decoding Wi-Fi room eq and by room eq we mean it will really do a full comprehensive listening of the room and correct for any room nodes etc it's an 80 watt amplifier as a full co
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