Ping Pong and Table Tennis Game Set, Regulation Size - Indoor, Foldable Tennis Tables with Retractable Net and Wheels for Simple Portability, Storage - Games for Home, Arcade, Sports Bars

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hi my name is John and I'm one of the many product designers here at Franklin sports and today I'm going to take you through the step by step process putting together your quick set table tennis table first you're gonna start by taking each half of the table laying it play side down on a nice clean section of your floor undo each Blatch and then opening each half of the table next step you're gonna unscrew the eighth leg levelers part number four that's gonna allow you to access the for stability bars part number two next locate part number three the metal net posts and remove those remove the parts bag and lay out its contents now we're gonna unfold the table legs which are part number 11 once the legs are opened you're gonna take part for the leg leveler and you're going to install that into the holes on the bottom of the leg once screwed in it's going to be topped with part 23 the le
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