Dell, Inc - Dell Latitude 14 7404 Rugged Extreme 14" Touchscreen Notebook - Intel Core I5 I5-4300U 1.90 Ghz - 16 Gb Ram - 512 Gb Ssd - Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit - 1366 X 768 Display - Bluetooth "Product Category: Computer Systems/Notebooks"

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hi I'm Joel Santo Domingo lead analyst at PC Mag comm here the review of the Dell Latitude 14 rugged extreme as you can see this is a seriously ruggedized laptop designed for use outside in harsh environments like deserts and frozen tundra the system has a fourth generation Intel Core i5 processor eight gigs of memory NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 M graphics and a 256 gig SSD the latitude 14 we reviewed comes in at just over four thousand seven hundred dollars for that much money you'd expect something out of the ordinary and you'd be right while some business laptops are built to withstand the stresses of an office park the latitude fourteen rugged extreme is built to take abuse from users on Safari working outside in the Arctic or with Marines under fire and contest the enemy territory the system's chassis z' drop proof waterproof dustproof and can handle temperature swings from freezing to s
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