Dell Latitude E6420 - Core i5 - 2.5ghz - 4GB - 250GB - DVD - Win 7 Home Premium

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hey guys della 304 here and I think it is time to record the Dell Latitude East 64 20 review I was originally going to wait for this but until I got the new parts for it but I decided not to buy the new parts at all I just like this laptops in pretty darn good condition for you know how old it is so I'm just going to go ahead and do the review now since it's been well I don't know a few weeks maybe a month now so I I I don't remember off the top of my head when I got this laptop but this is my main daily driver and it probably will be for another couple of years I know I say that every time but I'm serious this time his laptop has some pretty awesome specs great build quality and all of that but anyway yeah let's go ahead and get into the review so the e60 420 is a redesign of the previous e 64 10 and e 6400 it was completely retooled unlike the transition from the e 6400 to the e 64 10
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