Dell G3 3779 Premium 2019 Newest Gaming Laptop, Intel Quad-Core i5-8300H, 17.3" FHD IPS, 20GB DDR4, 256GB PCIe SSD, 1TB Hybrid HDD, Backlit KB MaxxAudio BT 5.0 WiFi 4GB GTX 1050 Win 10

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[Music] [Music] even if I filled this entire video of dramatic mural shots like this one it would not help the del g3 to look sleek at all there's just no getting around the fact that this Dell laptop looks like at one point it was fresh and new and innovative but now just kind of looks old but looks can be deceiving and though this 2018 laptop from Dell doesn't look all that new the components under the hood give you a really good amount of power and performance for it's $700 starting price tag we've gotten many requests to take a look at this laptop and I understand why for 700 bucks the Dell g3 packs eight gigs of RAM GTX 1050 and an eighth gen I 5 processor for the price those specs aren't too bad and it makes this machine totally capable of running popular titles in 1080p but to get to that performance at this price point you are making some major compromises in terms of design and
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