HP 2LW97UT#ABA Zbook 14U G4 Workstation 14" Notebook, Windows, Intel Core I7 2.7 Ghz, 16 GB Ram, 512 GB SSD, Space Silver

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this was Lisa from mobile tech review and this is the HP Z book 14 ug6 meaning generation 6 so obviously this is a refresh of their mobile workstation they say this is the slimmest 14 inch mobile workstation on the planet not that there are a lot of 14-inch mobile workstations it might be a little dull on the outside but once you open it up and take a look at what it has to offer it's actually pretty cool we're gonna look at it now this video is sponsored by Squarespace from websites and online stores to marketing analytics they're your one-stop source for building your online presence so from the outside the Z book 14 you looks like well your average 14 inch sort of business the ultra bug it's understated it's it's fine if you want flashy obviously HP has the spectre and spectre x360 lines for beautiful looks it's not bad open it up and it looks pretty pedestrian mostly because it has
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