HP Stream 11 Pro G2-11.6" Windows 10 Pro Notebook - Intel Celeron N3050 1.60GHz Dual-Core, 32GB Solid State Drive, 2GB RAM (X1X66U8ABA)

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what's up ladies and gentlemen my name is brian and today we are taking a look at one of the most interesting affordable laptops on amazon and just as i always do my videos i won't just run through the specs but let you know what is this hp stream 11 actually good for and in which case you should buy it so i'll start with this info if you're looking to buy this little boy to play more serious games than roblox minecraft or super mario it's not the best option but this thing is all about something different okay we'll get to it in a second this laptop will be perfect for students teachers businessmen marketers copywriters freelancers and all other persons who often have to deal with any kind of documents who's willing to perform most of their work online who likes to work outside who has the need to produce presentations on a regular basis type some text and also who travels a lot if you
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