Dell Chromebook 11 11.6-Inch LED Notebook (Intel Core i3 i3-4005U 1.70 GHz, 4GB memory, 16GB SSD) Foggy Night

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what's happening Indonesia Peter Brown Pandey here I just bought a cheap Chromebook on Amazon and actually I think what this was sourced through is which is owned by Amazon and it was pretty inexpensive and it was a whoo to exclusive and whatever so I anyway you can use your Amazon account to get it or at least at this time and I wanted to check it out it's a Dell Chromebook and it's an 11 inch and I got it for one particular reason I'm not a real big fan of Chromebooks but they do tend to be pretty small pretty light and they run a long time and there's a lot of times that you want to do something on the web do a little typing email a web surfing or whatever sitting on your couch hours on end and you don't need a super powerful computer you just need a Chromebook so this is what I got here and it was only about 75 bucks that's why I picked it up you can see we have a single pr
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