HP 17-BS011DX - 17.3" HD+ - Core i5-7200U - 8GB Memory - 1TB HDD - Black

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wow this looks like a brand new hp laptop which we are going to unbox right now and there's many models many types of laptops and this is just one of them from the company hp i do like hp laptops i've always had them never had any other kind of laptops so this isn't a guaran this is not a guarantee that you're going to really like this laptop this is just showing you what it looks like to unbox one of the hp computers this is 17.3 inches i think that is the largest available on these laptops that i think its largest available screen size on a laptop 17.3 inches i don't know that for sure but i do find it easier to to use a larger laptop for work and also for anything really i used to have a 15.6 inch screen and then i just got used to having i got a larger screen laptop and i've just gotten used to it so this is has a ssd which is a solid state drive which from my experience is it the c
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